Her father was an avid lover of music, with tastes ranging from Jazz to funk – he made it a point for black music to pour into his children’s ears.

At quite an early age, Filah was introduced to phenomenal jazz musicians, the likes of Nina Simone, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane, as well as the greats of rhythm and blues; Marvin Gaye, Betty Wright and Smokey Robinson to name but a few. Till this day, the artists whom she grew up listening to, influence not only her music, but her artistry in general.

90’s hip hop music was also played at high volumes in the house, much to her benefit of course, because she attributes the genre as one of her major influences.

“I was always different. In the way I thought, played, dreamt, spoke, looked. It’s contextual but there’s never been a moment in my life where I didn’t feel “other”. Music allows me to be “other”. It allows me to make the constant decision to be who I really am”, she says.

Filah’s career jumpstarted in her first year of Varsity, at University, where she studied towards an LLB degree. She began recording music soon after that and collaborated with various local producers. Eventually, she made her music available for download and uploaded a couple of her songs on various streaming services such as SoundCloud, which till this day, she still uses.

Filah is continuously growing as an artist, and has just released her debut EP “Filahsofy” produced by Mike Kalombo.


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